VANSUN Introduction 

  Xishuangbanna is a beautiful, magical, rich and fertile paradise located in the southwest Yunnan Province. In ancient times, it used to be called"Mong Ba Lana si” in Dai Language meaning“ an ideal and wonderful paradise”. it has an unique geographic advantage, with mountains and rivers linked by Laos and Myanmar,land bordreing Thailand and Vietnam.

  Vansun Mining Co, Ltd lay on the southwest of Xishuangbanna, at an altitude f 1.625 kilometers. It established in July 20C0, which combines mining, research, development, production.

  Processing and marketing in an integrated type of powerful enterprises. Vansun owns a kaolin mine, which contains a large reserve of more than 5 million tons of best-quality porcelain clay that rare in China.

  Vansun runs two high-quality kaolin factories with a plant area of 40.000 uare meters. There are more than 300 staffs to produce approximate 50,000 tons of high quality super white elutriated kaolin annually.

  The core product of Vansun is 'Banna Super White washed kaolin. Its e liquidity and associative and formation Compared with other brands kaolin Banna Super White has a typical cream white color, which is more suitable to use on high-white porcelain and high-grade bone china.

  The ideal of Vansun is 'profession molded quality, honesty created value hich leads it to contribute on helping the Chinese ceramics for daily use and the handicraft industry to produce more and more high value-added productions. Vansun is reasonable to be your trustiest business cooperator, because of its long-term production experience' better entrerprise qualification, and stable first-class production.

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